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Earning money for your club by recording texts and speech

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Q: How does our club sign up?
A: Contact us by e-mail ( and we will give you more information on how to sign up and give you specifications on the available projects that we have in your region.
Q: How does our club coordinate a project?
A: We provide you with detailed text and video instructions for the project to guide you through all the steps and requirements. In your end it is good if you have a coordinator who can share information further with the rest of the club members.
Q: How many readers do you need from our club?
A: Usually we are looking for a minimum of 20 people.
Q: How much time does our club have in order to have all our club´s contributors / readers complete their task?
A: A typical project with an average of 30-60 minutes of work per club member is between 1-3 weeks.
Q: Can our club do many projects per year?
A: We are more than happy to provide several projects to clubs that deliver high quality
Q: Who can participate?
A: Anyone aged 16 or older, however in some cases the limit can be at 18. We strive to have an even age-distribution and equal distribution between women and men.


Q: Is it safe to give my data?
A: We follow the strict EU-laws for data privacy (GDPR). We never combine personal data with the audio files.
Q: What do you do with the data?
A: We license the data to companies developing speech recognition services.
Q: What are the benefits with speech recognition services?
A: Speech recognition has many benefits including reduced time in customer service and increased safety in for example operating functions in vehicles, such as map service usage.
Q: What other data do you collect?
A: We ask the participant´s age, gender, country and city of residence and dialect. We use this to understand if all demographics and regions are presented in the dataset.


Q: What do our club members need to do?
A: They need to register to our web service OR in some cases they need to download an app. After registration the user starts to record sentences according to given instructions in the service.
Q: How do the recordings work?
A: For monologue texts you read one sentence at a time. First, you press RECORD, you read the given sentence out loud, then you press STOP, then SAVE/SUBMIT and finally you press NEXT to move the next sentence.
Q: Can our club have more than 20 people recording?
A: Yes, you can. We agree on how many participate in the project and we encourage you to get more than 20 participants.
Q: How long does it take to complete a project?
A: A typical project for one individual takes between 30-60 minutes to complete, depending on the tasks.
Q: Can I do the tasks in different sessions?
A: Yes, you can. You receive an e-mail with a link, so you can continue where you left off.
Q: What if I read something wrong?
A: This recording would not be approved, and you would need to re-record it.
Q: Can I make several accounts if I want to do more work?
A: No, this is not allowed.
Q: How long is an individual text that needs to be read?
A: For monologue texts you read one sentence at a time and our average has been 10 second per sentence. For dialogue texts one recording usually takes between 30-60 seconds.
Q: What if I have a strong dialect or I am a non-native speaker.
A: Texts should be read as they are presented. Unless specified otherwise, we need native speakers. Sometimes particular dialects or non-native speakers are required, and you will find this specified in the task description.
Q: Can dialogue texts by read by only one person?
A: No, dialogue texts should always be read by two persons sitting next to each other. Dialogue texts can not be done over services like Zoom, Teams, Google Meet or similar.


Q: When do you pay for the work?
A: Our payment term is 21 days after approval of all recordings. A separate statement will be sent to the club when it has been approved.
Q: Do we send an invoice or do you send us a statement of completed work?
A: Both models work for us, and this is something that we agree before the project starts.
Q: What happens if less people than agreed complete the actual work.
A: We are flexible, if your progress is behind schedule during the project, we come to an agreement of how to fix it. This can simply mean extending the deadline or just reducing the amount of people participating.
Q: What is the main principle for the compensation?
A: Time. We measure the work and actual recorded time in hours. But we also look at the number of sentences and can have a sentence-based pricing. But we prefer to use hours because that is more tangible for the club members.


Q: Can there be noise in the background when I record?
A: We define for each individual project if there can be no background noise, but in some cases it can be even required.
Q: Should I use headsets or not?
A: Most projects are done without headsets. If headsets are needed, we specify this in the project.
Q: What do our club members need to do the task?
A: For some projects the user needs to download an app for a iOS (Apple) or Android device. For other projects the tasks can be completed with any device with a web browser.
Q: What version of the operating system do I need if I need to use the app?
A: For Android you need 6.0.1 and for iOS 10.0.0.
Q: What browser should I use if the tasks can be performed on the browser?
A: We recommend Chrome. Safari will ask you for each recording the approval to use the microphone.
Q: Can dialogue texts be read using services like Zoom, Teams, Google Meet or similar?
A: No, the two persons should be next to each other whilst doing the tasks.


If you have any questions we please e-mail ( and we will help you out right away!